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Skin Disease Research Center


The Northwestern University Skin Disease Research Center is comprised of 60 collaborating cutaneous bench biologists and 13 skin-focused clinical research members from 25 departments across Northwestern University.

Core Facilities

Central to the work done at the SDRC are our Administrative Core and three distinct research cores. The core facilities are designed to help SDRC investigators accomplish their research goals related to cutaneous biology and to support newly recruited junior investigators who are interested in skin research. The cores strive to enhance the research progress of all SDRC users via access to specialized techniques, expertise, biological analysis, and instrumentation, while optimizing the capabilities of manpower and resources and efforts at cost effective rates. Each Core has a dedicated, well-trained staff member whose primary role is the education and assistance of SDRC members in the special techniques available in that core.

Learn more about our cores via the links below.

Research Core Facilities

Learn more about the core services available through our center.

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is responsible for coordinating all activities of the SDRC, including our research programs that encourage scientists to become involved cutaneous research. Learn more about SDRC's research initiatives below.

Additional Resources

Research with test tubes

Publication Guidelines

Please remember to properly cite the SDRC if our core facilities and scientists contributed to your pending or published work. Please read the Publication Guidelines for Users of University Core Facilities for more information.