Our three distinct research core facilities are designed to help Skin Biology & Diseases Resource-Based Center investigators accomplish their research goals related to cutaneous biology and to support newly recruited junior investigators who are interested in skin research. The cores strive to enhance the research progress of all center members via access to specialized techniques, expertise, biological analysis and instrumentation while optimizing capabilities at cost effective rates. Each core has a dedicated, well-trained staff member whose primary role is the education and assistance of center members in the special techniques available in that core. Explore the core pages below to learn more, and see our Core Acknowledgement page for information on how to properly cites our center's contributions.

Core B Skin Tissue


The Skin Tissue Engineering and Morphology (STEM) Core facilitates fundamental research in skin biology by providing technological expertise and resources to support the culture of normal human and mouse epidermal keratinocytes, primary melanocyte and dermal fibroblast cultures, as well as co-cultured skin cell 3-D models. 

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EPI Vasculature


The Translating Experimental Skin Testing with Immune Tracing, Informatics, and Technology (TEST IT²) Core focuses on the important relationship between keratinocytes and the skin immune system and provides instrumentation and immunological assay services and the unique opportunity for human testing in a controlled environment.

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DNA RNA delivery

GET iN Core

The Gene Editing, Transduction and Nanotechnology (GET iN) Core provides innovative customized research and development solutions in cell engineering and gene expression modifications for in vitro and in vivo applications.

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