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Core Acknowledgment

Please properly cite the Skin Biology & Diseases Resource-Based Center if our core facilities and scientists contributed to your grants and publications. Proper acknowledgment provides a visible measure of the impact of the center. It is important for us to obtain financial and other support so that we may continue to provide our essential services in the best ways possible.

When to Acknowledge

Include an acknowledgment anytime the center provides services that support your research. Whenever a staff member has made a significant intellectual contribution beyond routine sample analysis, please consider an authorship. This is essential for the professional development of our staff.

Where to Acknowledge

  • Papers
  • Posters
  • Presentations
  • Scholarly reports
  • Publications
  • Grants


Research reported in this [publication/press release] was supported by Northwestern University Skin Biology & Diseases Resource-Based Center of the National Institutes of Health under award number P30AR075049.

Report Your Acknowledgement

If you’ve used data produced by the Skin Biology and Diseases Resource-based Center in publication(s) or grant proposal(s), please complete the form to provide a list of their titles and journals or funding agencies.