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Both clinical and bench scientists interested in cutaneous biology comprise our core membership in an effort to encourage communication and collaborations between clinicians who perform clinical research and bench scientists who hope to see their work translated into a human benefit.

Membership Types & Criteria

Bench Research Members

Faculty who have research programs related to cutaneous biology, are independent and have extramural federal funding. This represents the majority of our members.

Junior Bench Research Members

Full-time faculty members conducting cutaneous biological research without external funding or assistant professors with external funding (e.g., Dermatology Foundation CDA) who have submitted federal funding proposals. Their research frequently utilizes the core facilities and is enhanced by association with the center's critical mass of funded investigators.

Pilot & Feasibility Grant Recipients

Junior investigators without federal funding or senior investigators whose funding is in an unrelated area but apply their expertise to pilot research in skin. Upon completion of their Pilot & Feasibility projects, they can retain their membership if they continue research in cutaneous biology.

Clinical Collaborative Associate Members

Members of the clinical faculty who do not have wet laboratories but perform clinical research and have expertise in skin disorders. These members have contributed significantly to the translational endeavors of the center through collection of patient materials, data interpretation and participation in clinically relevant enrichment programs such as Bench to Bedside.

Apply for Membership

For more information about membership, please contact Dr. Amy Paller via email at