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Morphology and Phenotyping Core

epi vasculature

The Morphology and Phenotyping Core, formerly known as the Pathology Core, is Directed by Joan Guitart, MD, co-directed by Associate Core Director, Robert M. Lavker, PhD with Advisors William A. Muller, MD, PhD and Dennis P. West, PhD. The Morphology and Phenotyping Core provides services, training, and expertise in the form of tissue processing, sectioning, and staining to clarify the morphology of specific epithelia.

Find service descriptions below. Ordering is done through NU Core and cost information is available via our core price sheet.

Core Leadership

Dr. Guitart

Joan Guitart, MD
Core Director
Professor of Dermatology and Pathology
Dermatopathology Unit Director

Dr. Lavker

Robert M. Lavker, PhD
Associate Core Director
Jack W. Graffin, MD Research Professor of Dermatology
Dermatology Director of Research

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Aya Kobeissi
Research Technologist

David Pease
Tissue Acquisition Specialist