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DNA/RNA Delivery Core

DNA RNA Delivery

The DNA/RNA Delivery Core is directed by Irina V. Budunova, MD, PhD, and co-directed by Associate Core Director, Alexander Y. Yemelyanov, MD, PhD with Advisor Eric L. Weiss, PhD. The major objective of the DNA/RNA Delivery Core is to support SDRC researchers and P&F projects through the provision of innovative viral technologies for in vitro and in vivo applications, including the expansion of expression vector and viral stock libraries, and individual training for users.

Core Services

Find our service listing below. Ordering is done through NU Core and cost information is available via our core price sheet.

Alexander Y. Yemelyanov, MD, PhD and Irina V. Budunova, MD, PhD

Core Leadership

Irina V. Budunova, MD, PhD
Core Director
Associate Professor of Dermatology and Urology

Alexander Y. Yemelyanov, MD, PhD
Associate Core Director
Research Assistant Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary Division

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We welcome your interest in our core. Please contact Research Associate Pankaj Bhalla, PhD, for more information.

Pankaj Bhalla, PhD