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Skin Biology and Diseases Resource-Based Center


One of the strengths and unique features of the Skin Disease Research Center’s interdepartmental research effort is the different approaches that can be considered for virtually any biological problem, owing to the diverse background and skills of our SDRC investigators and the breadth of expertise within the clinical faculty of the Department of Dermatology and other departments at Feinberg and Northwestern University. With our desire to encourage communication and collaborations between clinicians who perform clinical research and bench scientists who hope to see their work translated into a human benefit, we have included both clinical and bench researchers interested in cutaneous biology as core members.

SDRC Membership Types and Criteria

Applying for Membership

For more information about membership to the SDRC, please contact: Eskedar Alem (312-695-2816).

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For more information about membership, please contact Eskedar Alem.