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Skin Biology and Diseases Resource-Based Center

Boards & Committees

The Skin Biology and Disease Resource-based Center is governed through the efforts of our various boards and committees. Learn about these groups, including membership and purpose, below.

SDRC Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides guidance to the center director and associate center director concerning oversight of core; reviews the achievements and guides the movement of the center programs; assists the director in managing fiscal administration; and interacting with the advisory boards.

 Andrew Ott, PhD

Andrew Ott, PhD - Northwestern University

SDRC Internal Advisory Board

The Internal Advisory Board members assess the extent to which the aims of the SDRC have been achieved. It includes senior investigators at Northwestern University whose primary focus is outside of the realm of skin biology, but in cutaneous biology or in areas that would interface with the SDRC.

SDRC External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board members assess the extent to which the aims of the SDRC have been achieved. It is composed of three acknowledged experts in skin cell biology from outside of Northwestern. Three external advisors have agreed to serve and are geographically, gender, and expertise diverse.

 Yasmine Belkaid, PhD

Yasmine Belkaid, PhD - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

 Elaine Fuchs, PhD

Elaine Fuchs, PhD - The Rockefeller University

 Anthony Oro, MD/PhD

Anthony Oro, MD/PhD - Stanford School of Medicine

SDRC Pilot and Feasibility Committee

Among other responsibilities, the Pilot and Feasibility Committee members work closely with PIs and to promote interesting research involving skin cell biology to other laboratories and research programs in the institution; encourage senior investigators to consider skin-related research initiatives; encourage junior investigators to initiate projects on skin biology that ultimately will lead to NIH support; encourage grant submissions that address the goals of the minority and gender awareness program; review and select grant proposals on an annual basis; review progress on pilot and feasibility studies semi-annually; and report to the executive committee on the progress of pilot and feasibility studies, utilization of SDRC cores facilities, and success in attracting junior and established investigators to research in skin biology.

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Skin Tissue Engineering and Morphology Core

Translational and Experimental Skin Testing and Immune Tracing Core

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